Hobby Air 2 Fresh Air System


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The Hobbyair stock #HBO2 comes standard with:
      • Hobbyair Air Pump
      • 80 Foot Air Delivery Hose - other models available
      • Easy to Use Quick Disconnect Fittings
      • Full Facemask, Half Facemask or Air Supplied Painting Hood - Choose One
      • Belt
      • Instruction Manual

Be sure to locate the intake air pump in a fresh air location and breathe HEPA filtered clean fresh air in your work environment. The Hobbyair is portable, safe and a pleasure to use. You will receive plenty of cool fresh air to your mask or hood. Work in comfort all day
The HOBBYAIR respirator system will supply plenty of cool Fresh Air to the facemask or hood of your choice.
Safe, Portable and a Pleasure to Use

Please see mask, hood and hose length options below.
Available Options (for an extra charge):
Because a variety of chemicals may be absorbed by your eyes we offer the following options:
  • Pull Over Hood - Pull a painting hood (stock #13001) over your half facemask. This makes a versatile system because you are able to wear only the half facemask for sanding and prep jobs, but when it's time to paint you fully protect your hair, face and neck by pulling the painting hood over the half facemask. Don't forget Hood Lens Covers (13011).
  • Full Facemask - Consider a full facemask (stock #FF01) for the top-of-the-line choice if you will be using your Hobbyair Respirator in tight places will wear it numerous hours a week. Don't forget full mask lens covers (stock #12126) and if you wear glasses you'll need an eyeglass frame kit (stock #12128)
  • Air Supplied Tyvek Painting Hood - You can also choose an Air Supplied Painting Hood (HD01DF). The hood is supplied with air from a hose that goes up your back and includes a ratcheting headband to hold the hood securely on your head. Don't forget Hood Lens Covers (stock #13011)
  • Hose Length - Be sure to choose a system with a hose length that enables you to locate the intake air pump in a fresh air location. You will then be supplied with an abundance of HEPA filtered clean fresh air. Available with 40, 80, 120 and 160 feet of hose. Also choose from 40' (stock #HBBUD) or 80' (stock #HBBUD80) two person systems.

This is a drop ship item.

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