Below are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing Superflite products. If you have other questions, please just send it to
Superflite manufactures everything you need to cover your airplane – fabric, tapes, accessories, glue, primer, and paint – and it’s all approved for use on certified aircraft. 

The fabric covering portion of an aircraft restoration project is essentially the same with every coating system – glue the fabric to the frame, shrink it, stitch it, and then apply the surface tapes. 

Where Superflite really stands out from the competition is with its actual coatings – the part that comes after the fabric covering.  Superflite doesn’t require a fabric filler or “silver” coats.  Instead, it combines those two steps into one with the fabric primer.  After attaching the fabric and shrinking it, you’ll apply two coats of primer, sand it, and then apply two coats of paint.  That’s it, three steps and four coats of product to cover and paint your plane. The competition requires an extra step, several extra coats, and much more sanding. 

The Superflite urethane topcoat provides a high-gloss show finish with minimal effort, meaning, when you spray it, it comes out shiny.  There is no need to sand, buff, or reshoot for that ultra-gloss “wet look.”  It is a quality finish with minimal labor.

In addition to the easy application and the high-gloss finish, a Superflite covering kit costs about 20% less than the major competition.

Depending on the color of paint that you choose, for a Cub-sized airplane, you can expect to spend anywhere from $4000-$4500. That includes everything you need from fabric to finish.
Yes! In fact, we encourage it. The Superflite STC covers almost every type of aircraft, and if yours isn’t on our list, we can have it added in a matter of weeks. When you’ve purchased your covering kit, Superflite will provide a copy of the STC and a letter of permission to use it.
It all depends on the extent of your restoration and how quickly you work. A typical and average-sized covering/restoration project, which includes an airframe inspection, will probably take about 200 hours.
Superflite does NOT provide any kind of chip matching. However, if you have a competing paint code that you’d like to use (PPG, Dupont, Imron, Sherwin Williams, car manufacturer colors), we can usually cross those into a Superflite match for you.
Superflite is available through a select list of distributors (call or email for that list), or you can purchase directly from us.