Since 1949, Superflite has been helping aircraft enthusiasts everywhere build and cover their personal aircraft. We started by developing System I, a butyrate dope system, and expanded that to include System II, the first FAA-approved all urethane aircraft finishing system.

Superflite now has System 7, an all-urethane system, which is the most technologically advanced covering system in the world. System 7 has more durability, flexibility, and affordability than anything else on the market today. We’ve designed an aircraft covering system that’s geared toward the aircraft enthusiast – it’s easy to apply, easy to repair, and it provides you with a show-quality finish at a price that’s 20% less than the major competition.

Superflite is the company you can turn to for help. We speak your language. We offer experience to help you do it the right way – the easy way – the first time. With Superflite, you will like what you see – fair prices, knowledgeable advice, and top-quality products.

You can count on us to help make your dream of owning a showpiece aircraft a reality.