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Invisible Gloves #1211 are a soft paste-like substance that when applied to hands provide protection against caustic and carcinogenic chemical products including hydraulic fluid, paints, ink, MEK, zinc chromate, jet fuel, graphite, engine exhaust by-products, adhesives and much more.

Invisible Gloves meets military and industrial safety standards and can protect any area of the body (hands, arms, face, legs, etc...) exposed to hazardous products. Especially useful in working with materials used in composite aircraft construction. One pint yields 100 pair of gloves. Invisible Gloves #1211 are easily removed with water. Allows complete freedom of hand and finger movement. Hands will not heat up and tools will not slip.


  • Non-Abrasive, Non-Toxic
  • Bio-Degradable
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • A hand made pomade that virtually makes other gloves obsolete
  • Allows for 100% finger tip sensitivity with no hand heating or tool slipping
  • Can be used as an underglove when latex gloves are mandated
  • Performed as specified in temperatures / wind chills of -80*F and lower. Prevented chafing and sharply reduced dermatitis associated with that type of weather
  • Provides Protection From: Skydrol, MEK, RTV, Hydraulic Fluids, Graphite, Purging Fluids, JP4, JP8, JPTS, AvGas, Zyglo, Zinc Chromate, Brake and Wheel Carbon, Engine Exhaust Areas, Sealants - such as PRC, 980, 8802, 1826, Permatex, etc, Adhesives and Epoxies used in fabrication, Epoxy and Oil based paints, Tenacious Wire Coatings, C-Cement Powder, Generator Cooling Oils, etc.


  1. Use one teaspoon of Invisible Gloves #1211 to cover hands completely, particularly cuticles, and under fingernails, Arms and face, if required.
  2. Let dry - about 2 to 3 minutes
  3. Work freely as you will not be aware you are wearing Invisible Gloves # 1211
  4. ELIMINATE mid-job clean-up time - (when hands are soiled with compounds such as PRC, RTV, Permatex, etc.) - by merely wiping the hands with a clean cotton cloth.
  5. When job is finished, wipe off excess grease, oil, etc., and simply wash hands with ordinary soap and warm water.

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