System 7 Superflex Fabric Primer Base - Gallon


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The SF7500 System 7 fabric primer is the shining star of the Superflite urethane system.  It is a high build flexible primer with excellent filling and sanding properties.  

Mixing Ratio:

Mix 4 parts SF7500 primer base with 1 part SF7600 primer catalyst.  May be reduced up to 50% with any of the 7800-series reducers.

Pot life at 77ºF:

1 hour

Clean up:

Use lacquer thinner, MEK, acetone, or any of the 7800-series reducers.

Gun Setups:


Gravity Feed:  1.4mm-1.8mm

Siphon Feed:  1.4mm-1.8mm

Air Pressures:

Conventional at Gun

Gravity Feed:  30-40psi

Siphon Feed:  35-45 psi

HVLP at cap:  8-10 psi


  • Apply medium wet coats over substrate to desired film thickness
  • Allow 10-25 minutes between coats;
  • Scuff after 4 hours before applying topcoat or recoating
  • Clean gun after spraying is completed


A fresh air breathing system is required when spraying this product.

Return Policy

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No restocking fee will be charged on returns resulting from our error. All return freight must be prepaid. If returned goods are lost or damaged in transit to Superflite, you must submit the claim against your carrier.

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